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   Small rural towns have their own unique appeal for vacationers interested in glimpsing into America’s past and spending a few days in a more tranquil environment.  Even with the widespread adoption of the Internet and other modern communications, residents of small towns remain connected to one another in ways urban dwellers cannot fathom.  For example, community events in Beaver County are truly community affairs attracting the involvement and support of nearly all the townspeople. To witness this, one only has to attend a local 4th of July Parade or a Pioneer Days event.   So, if your interests lean toward a vacation where you can take in some local color, spend leisurely time visiting  quaint shops and historical sites, then Beaver County might just be the place. Although, we are best known for great outdoor recreation, there is another side to Beaver County that may hold an even greater appeal for people wanting to sample a simpler way of life for a few days.

Popular Sites & Attractions:
  • Beaver Territorial Courthouse Museum: (Tours Available)
    The courthouse, located in Beaver City, was built in 1876, and is great place to begin your excursion into the county's past. An historic park adjacent to the building features a statue of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television. A restoration project is underway to move the Farnsworth family home to a location next to the historic park.
  • Beaver City Opera House: Situated just across the street from the Territorial Courthouse is the Beaver Opera House. This grand facility constructed of volcanic pink tufa block was built in 1908. The building now serves as the town’s civic center. (Tours Available)
  • Historical Buildings & Homes: For many tourists, an important part of the vacation itinerary includes visits to historic sites and roaming neighborhoods in search of 19th Century home architecture.  Beaver City has more than 30 significant buildings from log cabins to unique basalt rock houses.  In Milford there are an estimated dozen or more historic sites.  Of special note is the Milford Hotel, that is currently under renovation to become a Bed and Breakfast facility.  In addition, the Minersville City office building, built in 1876, is one of the older structures in the county.
  • Popular Shops & Attractions:

  • (1) Beaver Sport & Pawn:
    It’s not often you’ll come across a shop that appeals to both men and women. However, Beaver Sport & Pawn, is just such a store. We suggest you set aside more than a few minutes to browse this 9,000 sq. ft. emporium located in the historic Low Hotel. The store bills itself as “The Most Amazing Sporting Goods & Pawn Shop You’ll Ever Visit”.  We think you will agree when you see the plethora of sporting goods antiques/collectables and more that the store has to offer.  The store attracts visitors and buyers from around the West.
    (2) DFA Cache Valley Cheese: A trip to Beaver City wouldn't be complete if you failed to stop at the Beaver Cheese Factory for a delicious snack and a chance to stock up on some great cheese products. The chalet shop is a great place to spend some leisurely time licking a yummy ice cream cone, chatting with friends, and browsing through the store’s fashionable crafts and gifts.
    (3) Surewood Forest  Candle & Gift Company: It’s safe to say that we all love an enjoyable surprise.  And, that is exactly what you’ll experience when you pay a visit to Surewood Forest located on Main street in Beaver City. This fun filled shop is truly “an original” as are the many unique sculptured candles they produce right on the premises.  Ask to see their unusual black light candle display and the various Disney candle characters.  Are you adventurous? Have your hand dipped in wax and get your own one-of-a-kind sculpture.  Surewood Forest has some of the most exclusive gifts in the country.
    (4) Rock House Quilts: One of Beaver City's oldest landmarks is the one remaining building that was part of the U. S Military Fort named "Fort Cameron" built in 1872.  Under the command of Major John D. Wilkins, four companies from the Fourteenth Infantry making up a complement of approximately 215 soldiers established the military post on the Beaver River one mile from the mouth of Beaver Canyon. Today, the structure is home to Rock House Quilts. Kevin and Michelle McNeill renovated and restored the building in 2004.

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